GRE and Me

After several days of procrastinating, I finally signed up for my GRE. I’m going to test the day after Thanksgiving because it is a partial break week. I’ve found that most of the colleges that offer full funding want GRE scores. I’m going to study (sometime between my five English classes this semester). My math is weak so that will be my primary focus.

Author Fest of the Rockies is this weekend, I’m really looking forward to that. Stephanie G’Schwind is giving a lecture. She is the managing editor for the Colorado Review and the director of the Center for Literary Publishing at Colorado State University. I’m hoping to meet her, especially since I found out that CSU offers and MA (not an MFA) in creative nonfiction. I’m learning the value of looking at who is presenting before going to conferences. The conference is Friday and Saturday. The majority of the creative nonfiction panels are on Friday.

One concern about starting an MFA program is that I’ve convinced myself that I need to have an idea for a book length work. The flip side is that I am afraid I won’t have an idea for my long work when the time comes. Anybody know how the thesis proposal works? Do you brainstorm with a teacher or are you expected to have an idea?

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