Ivy League…Me?

I’ve been looking around at full-residency schools and have found a lot of great programs. One of my top picks is the University of Notre Dame. They only accept 5-6 students in the fall but they provide full funding. I really think I should apply though I never considered an Ivy League school as a possibility.

Perhaps it is an indicator of my socioeconomic class. I’ve always thought that those schools were for people with money and connections. Looking at UND’s website, I don’t get that sense. I think it would be wise to apply to any program I like that offers funding, even if I end up paying a few-hundred dollars in application fees.

I also think that I am too hard on myself. I have a 3.88, am a member of Phi Theta Kappa (from community college), and Sigma Tau Delta (English Honor Society), and now Sigma Alpha Pi (National Society of Leadership and Success). I have been published five times as an undergraduate, including one national publication. I had a poem broadcasted on NPR. I teach a creative writing course to at-risk youth in my community. I’m a Rosa Parks Scholar and I won the Robert Burns Memorial Award for one of my poems. I’m an officer in the Free Expression poetry club on campus. These are great accomplishments and I’ve worked really hard. I just don’t know what other applicants come to the table with.

Of course, the majority of the weight of my application is the writing sample. I’m hoping to get it done in November so I can get it workshopped and ready for January. I’m also scheduled to take my GRE after Thanksgiving. I’ve got a few prepbooks and have downloaded the free software from the GRE site.

This just seems like a lot of work on top of my five English classes. I need to breathe and take things one step at a time. First, I need to make a list of the schools I want to apply to and what they require. I should probably wait until next weekend to start this.

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