Fall and Full Residency

I’m so glad that fall is finally here. For some reason, I like gray skies and drizzly rain more than the heat of summer. Of course, living in Colorado, fall is a very short season.

This weekend, I’m buried under a mountain of homework. I’ve moved into the lyric essay portion of my independent study, which I’m excited about. I just have to get through three other essays this weekend so I can start working on it.

I’m starting to learn that I can’t do everything. I’ve had to cancel events and other plans because I need the time to do my homework, writing, and just to think. To find topics for essays or creative writing, I need time to think things out. Last night, I even cleaned off my desk so I had a workspace. If you know me, this is an epic feat.

There have been some changes in my financial situation and I am now able to look at full residency MFA programs. I’m excited because I feel that I need the support of a writer’s community. When I’m left on my own, I tend to get lost or stuck. Also, the full residency programs often offer funding. A teacher of mine told me that it is easier to get hired to teach at the university level with full residency. Low-res just doesn’t seem to get the same respect.

This change means that most of my applications are now due in January, instead of April. Basically, I have to start gathering materials (like recommendation letters) in the beginning of October. A lot of the programs require a GRE so I will have to take that as well. I found a date during the Thanksgiving break, I just haven’t booked yet. It’s $160 and you only get half of your money back if you cancel. Yikes! I’m not too worried about the test. I’m going to study my butt off to be sure, I’m just not stressed. I can only do the best that I can do.

Although a city on the East coast (particularly New England) sounds enticing, I’m actually hoping to get into the University of Colorado at Boulder. It wouldn’t be quite as far and I’d be able to see my family on the weekends. Plus I would qualify for in-state tuition, which is a huge bonus. I just don’t want to finish a program with huge debt.

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