Getting Back in Gear

I finally sat down and wrote something last night. I agonize over writing. I’ve convinced myself that I must have an idea before I start writing. Nothing comes and I get depressed and don’t write. For me, I get ideas once I sit down to write. Why I can’t keep that in my head I don’t know. Maybe I should write that on a sticky note and put it on my desk. Hmm….

I did get some work done last night. I like to use the Ray Bradbury’s writing technique from Zen in the Art of Writing. It’s mostly a free association exercise. You start writing down words as they pop into your head. These are concrete nouns. Then you pick one of the words and associate around it until you come up with something. Ok, that’s not exactly how Bradbury did it. In all honesty, I sold the book in a I’m-never-going-to-write-again sort of rage. Anyway, I was able to come up with something. It was mostly fragments but there was something on the page.

I’m going to try for the same tonight. If that doesn’t work then I have a meditation for creativity by Tama Kieves that I’ll listen to. I really do like contemplative practices for accessing creativity. Makes me wish I could go to Naropa under full residency. I’ve heard they meditate before class begins. Off I go…

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