Busy Busy Summer

I just finished a two week intensive course and I’m exhausted. I love being able to earn three credit hours in two weeks but it truly takes the full two weeks. I just submitted my last assignment and I’m looking forward to some reading and writing this weekend.

I’ve been going through a bit of a crisis this past week and a half. It happens to me every semester. I go to register for classes and I start to think that I should pursue a different major. This time, I considered sociology. I thought I should give up my plans of an MFA and instead get my MA in soc. I’m passionate about social justice, activism, and exposing inequality and I know at WSC I wouldn’t have a chance to take any courses in that field. I went back and forth all week, driving my family insane. Then I took a good look around me. I was surrounded by manuscripts, books on writing, magazines on writing, and lots of literature. At that moment, it seemed so obvious to me. I’m a writer and I should invest in my career as a writer.

I think a big part of the uncertainty is the way society views artists. As children, us creative types are told to stay away from the arts unless we want to starve. We should do something that will make money. This is ridiculous because our society revolves around the arts, yet as children we internalize these ideas and they turn into uncertainty and struggle. I’m kind of on my soap box today but I really think it is important that society begins to place more value on the arts.

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One Response to Busy Busy Summer

  1. Marahm says:

    I’m surprised to hear the young people today are still getting the same message that kept me out of the place I belong— the arts. Not only are we creative types supposed to starve, but to do so without respect.

    I ended up in the sciences, and yes, I’ve always had a secure job, but if I had it do over…

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