Free Typewriter Sounds for the PC

I met a friend for lunch today and was reminded how much I liked having typewriter sounds on my PC. I used to have it for my Mac, but I lost the keycode and eventually forgot about it. After a good bit of digging on the net, and enlisting the help of my husband, I now have Qwertick which is a free keyboard sound program. I don’t know what it is, but I love the sound of a typewriter when I work. My friend said it is because it makes everything seem important. Possibly so. I also like that I have the sound without dealing with ribbons, paper, white-out, and all the rest.

You can download the program here. The program is free and takes very little time to install. Just an fyi, the program doesn’t actually install. It opens in the taskbar. If you want it to run automatically, instead of manually running it when you turn your computer on, you can drag it into your startup folder.

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One Response to Free Typewriter Sounds for the PC

  1. I ran across your post on this little program when I was searching for typewriter images. I love it!

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