Don’t Put All of Your Eggs Into One Basket

So I’ve written about the importance of letting manuscripts go and I’ve also written about not sending them out until they are ready/you’ve completed the project. Today, as I prepared a submission for Creative Nonfiction, I realized how important it is to have multiple projects going.

When I have a piece that I consider to be my best work to date, I obsess over it. For the past week, I’ve been trying to decide where to send the piece. Then I started to question myself. Maybe I’m not good enough for CNF, maybe there’ll be too much competition. I got the submission ready and decided that I should send out some other pieces. I went to my folder from last semester and found five pieces that just need a little revising and two fragments that I’d like to finish. Now I don’t feel as nervous. I have so much going on and will have several pieces out for publication that it doesn’t really matter if they accept the one piece (although I would love it).

What I’m saying is, keep multiple projects going. Always have several submissions out at one time (and track them). If you get a rejection, send the piece on to another journal. Make it a sort of publishing revolving door. Most importantly, don’t hang on to finished work and don’t fixate on a single piece.

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One Response to Don’t Put All of Your Eggs Into One Basket

  1. I wrote about Easter Egg baskets today too.

    Dr. B

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