The Push to Publish

I finished a piece in my creative nonfiction class last semester that I felt was my best work. I think it could be part of a larger work, possibly even a full length memoir. The push to publish is so strong that I considered sending out the part I have as a stand alone piece. It’s good to get your name out there, but when you write solely to publish something is lost. What if I’d received terrible feedback from an editor? It could potentially silence my muse and I would likely quit the project.

Why not nurture our pieces until they are fully developed? Why not focus more on craft and the healing that is inherent in writing instead of becoming famous? A lot of the books I’ve read on writing have to do with getting published. Only a few have concentrated on making people better writers. This says something about the industry. Often, when I talk to people who “wish [they] could’ve been a writer” it is because they thought they could make money or be famous, not for a love of the craft. I think we need to be especially protective of our work and try to see it more as a craft and an experience than output.

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