I’ve been asked to do an independent study with the chair of the creative writing program. This couldn’t come at a better time as I am looking at MFA programs. Most of them require 20-30 pages of prose. Although this is a great opportunity, I now have to come up with a proposal for my project. I have to say that I’m stumped. Normally, I have no idea what I’m going to write. I have a lot of trouble planning because I have a lot of trouble coming up with ideas in advance.

Often, projects are hard to plan because they seem to big. I typically write creative nonfiction these days and it is hard for me to just pick a topic. I feel like I am looking back over the whole of my life and being asked to pick one tiny moment to focus on. This particular project is even more difficult because it can seriously impact my chances of acceptance. I’m just not sure how to break up writing into manageable chunks, at least as far as brainstorming is concerned. Any ideas?

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2 Responses to Brainstorming

  1. MJ Sullivan says:

    first thoughts: you are filled up with images, let them simmer for a wee bit, it will come

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