The Baby-sitter’s Club?

The Baby-sitter’s Club has been relaunched. Author Ann M. Martin has written a prequel to her series entitled “The Summer Before.” The 1980’s series is also being rereleased. I wonder how such a huge series will be received by readers today. I wasn’t really a Baby-sitter’s Club fan, as I was five when it launched. I did read a few of the Sweet Valley High books, but it was hard to get them in order so I couldn’t really follow the story line. I did have a huge collection of Fear Street books, but over time the series got stale. Sweet Valley High had 181 books, and I know that Fear Street had even more. I’m hoping they condense the stories down as I just don’t think that long of a series would necessarily work, especially if the publishing industry is in trouble (at least print). Maybe I’m out of the loop. Are there any lenghty young adult series out there now?

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