AWP Day 2

Well, I was excited about going to see Martin Espada at the AWP conference but when it was time to get up I didn’t. Instead we slept in and went to the Denver Art Museum. I felt a little guilty for not going back, but yesterday was boring. The book fair was huge, with tables from The Writer and all sorts of journals/magazines/schools but in a way is was too large.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to the conference after check-out tomorrow or if I’m going back home. Part of the problem is I am used to the Springs. There, five miles would only take you fifteen minutes. In Denver, it’s more like forty-five. I’m kicking myself for not getting something closer, even one of those seedy motels on Broadway.

Ah well, I did enjoy walking around the museum today. I’ve decided to start an inspiration album on my Facebook account. I’ll take pictures of things I find interesting or inspiring and upload them from my phone. I think that’ll help when I’m feeling stuck. It seems promising, I’ll let you know how it goes.

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