In Love with the iPad (100th Post!!)

The iPad tablet was unveiled by Apple this week. At first, I was imagining how cool it would be to finally have an e-book reader that could also access apps like the iPhone. I’ve never used an e-book reader and usually prefer hardcover, but as a student the idea of not lugging around a bag full of books that I had to overpay for is tantalizing. In my joy over not breaking my back, I totally overlooked the implications for authors. Tom Evans, writing for Publishing Talk, makes a great case for buying the iPad over the Kindle. After all, you get to access pages (that’s Word for Macs for you PCs). The tablet also features a large size touch keyboard, meaning that you could use it to write. You can’t beat the 10 hour battery life or the fact that you can plug it into a keyboard and continue writing while it charges (plus I like to keep all of my files in the same place). It’s sleek, stylish, lightweight and ultra-portable. Unlike the Neo by Alphasmart which looks like a toilet seat. Mind you, the $499 price tag is a little limiting for me but I truly expected it to debut in the $900 range.

Watch the keynote here.
In other news, happy 100th post! It’s been an interesting couple of years and I’ve made a lot of progress as a writer. I’ll be blogging about that in the next few days. Stay tuned.
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