Your Writing Process

I have the good fortune of taking a class called “Writing as if your life depended on it” at university this semester. My teacher made a startling point the other day, she asked “what are you willing to consider your writing process?” The answers were varied: music, drawing, running, journaling etc. Sometimes, in my case, the passage of time is part of it. I have to let an idea percolate. This is true with fiction, non-fiction, essays…anything I write. If I sit down as soon as I have an idea or assignment, the work seems forced and I get bored quickly. If I wait, it’s as if my subconscious is processing the idea while I go about my day. The point I am trying to make is that sitting at your desk typing is part of your writing process but it certainly isn’t all of it. Pay attention to what helps inspire, focus or center you and do it.

On a side note, The Writer has a wonderful article this month on how writing is fun for some and agony for others. Finally, my viewpoint is represented. My therapist once told me that if I indeed had been meant to be a written I would wake up every morning with a burning desire to write. What a load of hooey. Also check out the article by Tim Bascom on truth and lies in non-fiction.

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