Making the Decision

I had planned on posting episode 2 of my super fabulous audiobook podcast, but PodOmatic isn’t liking me very much right now. I’ve been uploading the same file since this afternoon. What I want to talk about today is making the decision to become a writer. If you’ve been following this blog at all, you’ll notice my commitment seems to wax and wane. I’m good at a lot of different things so it makes it hard for me to just pick one. But why do you have to pick just one? That’s what my friends all ask me. It’s because I have to have focus. If I decide to follow my dreams as a writer, cake decorator, artist, and musician, how on earth would I keep all of that on track or make any kind of progress? There’s been a few times that I’ve gotten the writing bug, but those moments are few and far between. So what is it going to take?

The biggest secret of writing is commitment. Commit to being a writer. Commit to planting your butt in that seat. Make a daily habit out of writing (or at least a regular habit). To me, I can deal with rejection and criticism. What is hard for me is producing work regularly. In that way, I’m lucky I’m in school. It has required me to write at least one piece a week. I’d like to do more than that. They really need to have a Hell’s Kitchen for writers. I tell you, I’d get a lot more writing done if the threat of Gordon Ramsey’s wrath loomed overhead.

I guess I’m ranting more than anything. On the upside, I’m on a second draft of an entry for a writing competition. I’m finally figuring out my genre and how my writing fits in. That alone takes some time to process.

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