Rowling Testifies Monday

J.K. Rowling will testify Monday in a lawsuit to block the publication of The Harry Potter Lexicon by Steven Vander Ark. If she wins, Rowling will do much to establish and writer’s rights to their intellectual property/creations. I used to write Xena fan fiction, and more recently, World of Warcraft. Now if I were to publish that on a website for other fans to read, I don’t see the harm. In fact, it may spark interest in the shows/games themselves. I couldn’t imagine trying to package it up into a book and make money off of it. I didn’t come up with those characters, worlds, etc. What right would I have to profit off of them. If I want to publish a World of Warcraft novel, then I’d have to submit it through the company as it is their intellectual property. Really, if Vander Ark considers himself a fan of the Harry Potter series, he should respect the author and not try to rip her off.

That’s all for now kiddies.

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