Here we go again

So I’m moving out of my house for a little while and I’m going to stay with my parents. It will allow me to finally finish my English degree. I’m taking Intro to Lit and English Comp II. I start in two weeks and I can’t wait. Sadly, they weren’t offering creative writing, non-fiction, or poetry classes at a time I can attend. They’re usually only offered in the evenings since a lot of members of the public (non-students) take them.

I also decided that I would try and start writing seriously again. I bought a new notebook at Borders. Hot pink noto-journal by Paper Chase. I love the noto-journals. That’s what I do each time I decide I’m going to really try…I buy a new blank book that never gets more than a third full. I feel better about it this time though. College helps keep me on track. My Dad is a great fantasy writer, but he has the same problem I do. He seldom sits down to write. We made a deal yesterday…every morning, after breakfast, we would sit down for a writings session. It went pretty well but I had a lot of trouble beginning. I had no idea what to write. I’m always pushing myself to write a novel and I’m not sure why. Maybe because that’s what everyone expects out of a writer. My strong suit is actually flash fiction, anything under 1,000 words. I actually managed to write a piece during our session this morning. You can read it in the next post. Please be kind, it was written in one sitting and has not been edited.

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