Top Writing Movies

This month, The Writer published an article of the top ten movies for writers. I thought I would put up a list of some of my favs:

1. Adaptation – this has to be the ultimate writer’s movie. The interior monologue that’s going on inside his head is so true to life.

2. Miss Potter – a whimsical tale but also a tragic love story.

3. Throw Momma From the Train – the movie that produced the catchphrase “A writer writes, always.”

4. Moulin Rouge

5. Naked Lunch – what’s better than typewriters turning into freaky bugs?

6. Sylvia – Gwyneth Paltrow plays one of my obsessions…Sylvia Plath

7. Shakespeare in Love – Gwyneth again

8. Dead Poets Society – anything with Robin Williams is good. The man is a living legend.

9. Secret Window – creepy!

10. Finding Neverland – another one featuring Mr. Depp

11. Delirious – John Candy was a comic genious! I wish I had his typewriter. 🙂

12. Misery – Every writer’s worse nightmare.

13. Nightmares and Dreamscapes – there were two “episodes” with writers as the main characters.

There are many many more I could list but tried to only put in movies that I have actually seen. I think it’d be great sometime to get a bunch of my writer friends together (both of them) and have a movie marathon.

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One Response to Top Writing Movies

  1. Brandi Perry says:

    I forgot about The Hours! What a fantastic movie. Nicole Kidman as Virginia Woolf. I haven’t seen the others but will definitely check them out.

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