Robert Jordan

I’ve decided to start sharing news of the literary world with my readers (hello, is anyone out there?). Whenever I read something about an author, it’s usually up for one day and then gone the next. Do they think no one reads any more? Or that all we care about is Harry Potter. Don’t get me wrong, I like Harry Potter, I just think that if it represents our reading habits as a culture then that’s pretty scary. Doesn’t anyone read the classics anymore?

For those of you who don’t follow the news, author Robert Jordan passed away of a rare blood disease on September 16th. Jordan was most famous for his Wheel of Time series, an epic fantasy spanning eleven volumes, a prequel, and a book on the world of the Wheel of Time. I remember a time, before Harry Potter, when the big to-do was whether or not you were reading Wheel of Time. You can read more about him here. You can purchase his books here Wheel of Time

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