Woot for Writing Group!

Ok, so my writing group met tonight. I managed to get two solid pages in which is fantastic for me lately. I find it’s easier when I do my morning pages (see The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron). It kind of loosens me up, but I haven’t done them for a while. This week I’m training a new supervisor so it’s a little hard to work the time in. I don’t know about you but my ass isn’t getting out of bed an hour early. I’m a night owl…I do my best work in the wee hours of the night when I should be in bed. With this new day shift though, I don’t really have a peak time. I’m tired all of the time. I know, would I like some cheese to go with that whine…I actually just had some. This going back to veganism is pretty hard.

Anywho, I didn’t work on the prompt tonight. Instead I worked on a fantasy story I was going to do for NaNoWriMo last year. It’s actually been in my head for a while. I have a beautiful leather journal filled (my wonderful fiance bought me) with worldbuilding maps, descriptions, etc. for the main character’s homeland. Might be time to dust it off and finish it up. I didn’t use it for NaNoWriMo because I have high expectations for the story. I should, it’s been living in my head for several years. That doesn’t bode well with the type of writing in NaNoWriMo. I think I will write a fantasy story for the official one this year. I think fantasy is my best genre, but I dread writing it because I always think it’s trite and formulaic. With NaNoWriMo I can just go for it. Then I’ll know for sure how I truly feel about the genre.

I’m starting to get a little loopy. I’m working an early a.m. shift this week since the morning sup is on vacation. It’s kicking my ass. I have to take “sleep aids” (read knock off Nytol) just so I can get to sleep at 10:00. Totally sucks, I can’t wait until the week is over and I can go back to my semi-regular schedule. I took the pills at 8:00 and I’m a little drowsy. Guess I should’ve waited a little longer. Oh well, I could use the extra sleep. I ordered Nightmares and Dreamscapes today, the miniseries that is. I caught part of it on vacation in New Jersey last year and have wanted to see it since. I love Stephen King.

Well that’s it from me tonight. I’ll add some links into this once I’m back on my pc (posted this on my Mac).

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